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BIO-ISAC Friends Forum



If you've received an invitation to this page, you are a friend to the leadership roundtable of the founders of BIO-ISAC and a known leader and contributor to the security of the bioeconomy and its research and manufacturing components in National Security, Biomanufacturing, BioPharma, Soft/Hardware Vendors, BioProducts, and Agriculture. 

As you may have heard, BIO-ISAC will formally launch in August, at the closing day of  Biohacking Village at DEF CON on August 8, 2021. 


BIO-ISAC leadership is inviting a very limited group of friends to become Founding Members, offering membership dues at a prorated rate of $25,000 for the remainder of 2021. We are looking for a commitment to seed funding of $25,000, with a renewal fee of $75,000 in January 2022 (totaling $100,000).


In exchange for helping stand up our well-documented and much-needed effort, we offer: 

  • Legacy recognition as a founding member of BIO-ISAC

  • One (1) Advisory Board founding leader role

  • Up to two (2) additional Advisory Board participant roles

  • One (1) initial biosecurity threat training for your organization staff

  • Member-only roundtable invitations (anticipated monthly, starting June 2021)

  • Inform creation of the final incident response CVE for the bioeconomy

  • Access to the Bioeconomy threat stream and discussion forum (anticipated August 2021) 

  • Curated speaking invitations for widely attended events and broadcasts

  • Peer-to-peer information sharing and member strategy sessions

  • Scope and inform research white paper development and policy and regulatory efforts (including much-needed incident recovery guidance)

  • Recognition as a 2021 Biohacking Village Sponsor (and device lab participation, when applicable, including)

  • Recognition as a Founding Member at the BIO-ISAC launch in August 2021, including press release mention(s) as appropriate

  • Invitation(s) to and participation in the inaugural BIO-ISAC table top exercise and incident briefing on August 8, 2021

  • Invitation(s) to the inaugural BIO-ISAC Members Meeting (anticipated Fall 2021), which includes a closed-door briefing from our partners at the National Academies


Note: Participating founding members will be invited to a call in late June to discuss other urgent response needs, membership benefits, and details regarding the August launch.



BIO-ISAC is an international organization that addresses threats unique to the bioeconomy and enables coordination among stakeholders to facilitate a robust and secure industry.

BIO-ISAC will:

  1. Provide members tailored and actionable threat intelligence information

  2. Develop a coordinated disclosure process to simplify information sharing from small, medium and large enterprises of digital biosecurity issues

  3. Establish best practices and standards to improve digital biosecurity in the bioeconomy, including biomanufacturing

  4. Educate members and partners in digital biosecurity by creating and teaching content directly

  5. Promote the creation of a skilled workforce for digital biosecurity with industry and government partners

  6. Interact with lawmakers and policy stakeholders to further the development of a resilient infrastructure for the bioeconomy

  7. Longer term, act as a convening place for trusted international partners to collaborate on digital biosecurity and biological supply chain security issues

BIO-ISAC Membership Application

Questions? Email Us Here

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