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Call for Nominations

To support the execution of the Bioeconomy Executive Order, BIO-ISAC has issued a Call for Nominations for its 2023 working groups focused on Genomic Security and Hardware/Software Security.

Each workgroup is expected to meet for at least two hours a month for the initial four months and agree to future meetings as required. Consensus building around organization recommendations and regulatory responses expected with likely on-the-record presentation of findings from the working groups. No working group may have more than two representatives from a single firm or entity.  BIO-ISAC membership is required to serve as chair.

Genomic Security

​The Genomic Security Working Group will: 

  • Convene industry members to discuss pragmatic
    techniques to improve genomic security in practice

  • Coordinate with NIST NCCoE efforts & assist them in developing practicable standards that improve security

  • Develop & share failure use-cases 

  • Engage key vendors to update & publish best operational practices

Hardware/Software Security

​The Hardware/Software Security Working Group will:

  • Convene industry members to standardize and improve security provisions in the bioeconomy

  • Create common questionnaires, vetting procedures, collect information about product security features, networking best practices, etc.

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