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BIO-ISAC: Table Top Exercise

On August 8, 2021, BIO-ISAC will host its inaugural convening with the Biohacking Village at DEF CON to host a first-of-its-kind table top exercise focused on the bioeconomy and the cybersecurity scenarios impacting our nation's biomanufacturers, labs, and related facilities. 

To be considered for participation in the next table top exercise (online):

Please submit your initial inquiry to be considered for formal invitation to the next BIO-ISAC table top exercise.



BIO-ISAC represents bioeconomy-connected industry leaders, organizations, and academic institutions connected to Biomanufacturing, BioPharma, BioProducts (synthetic bio), software and hardware vendors, national security, and agriculture. Topics for the above events will impact the bioeconomy. Interested in membership? Contact BIO-ISAC.

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