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Fortifying the Bioeconomy

Under the leadership of Vincent Cervone, of Purple Raven Cybersecurity, and Jess Smith, PhD, of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the Device Security Working Group at BIO-ISAC published Fortifying the Bioeconomy, an in-depth resource about shared responsibility in hardware and software lifecycle management within the bioeconomy. 

This work responds to many recommendations from the recent event hosted by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, in partnership with BIO-ISAC, for U.S. federal agencies and the post-event report, Going Viral: Bioeconomy Defense.


The publication includes the launch of the Biosecurity Evaluation Questionnaire, or BSEQ, designed to walk decision makers through the security considerations of the equipment acquisition process, with a focus on building stronger expectations from manufacturers and firms when it comes to instrument security. 


The publication also includes the Instrument Disposal Guide, an overview of how to prepare to remove instruments from a manufacturing site and safely remove any data captured on the equipment during its lifecycle. 

Device Security Workgroup


Vincent Cervone

Jess Smith, PhD

Purple Raven Cybersecurity

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Creates common questionnaires, vetting procedures, collect information about product security features, networking best practices, etc.

  • Crafts proposals for updates and security enhancements to the U.S. acquisition language

  • Enumerates pathways for safe disposal of equipment slated for sunsetting or resale, including data removal and destruction

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