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BIO-ISAC Membership Application

BIO-ISAC is an international organization that addresses threats unique to the bioeconomy and enables coordination among stakeholders to facilitate a robust and secure industry.

Mission and Goals

BIO-ISAC will:

  1. Provide members tailored and actionable threat intelligence information

  2. Develop a coordinated disclosure process to simplify information sharing from small, medium and large enterprises of digital biosecurity issues

  3. Establish best practices and standards to improve digital biosecurity in the bioeconomy, including biomanufacturing

  4. Educate members and partners in digital biosecurity by creating and teaching content directly

  5. Promote the creation of a skilled workforce for digital biosecurity with industry and government partners

  6. Interact with lawmakers and policy stakeholders to further the development of a resilient infrastructure for the bioeconomy

  7. Longer term, act as a convening place for trusted international partners to collaborate on digital biosecurity and biological supply chain security issues

Membership Application

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