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BioAgriculture Workgroup

Andrew Rose

Chesapeake Sun

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To support dairy farms and those in agriculture, BIO-ISAC is collecting details from farmers about what's happening in their area and with their herds, in order to provide anonymous incident reporting from industry to regulators.

Identifying information is kept confidential.

Anonymous, third-party disclosure is exactly why
BIO-ISAC exists. This can also help you get the resources and support you need. 


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  • Bringing cybersecurity (and related threat) awareness, mitigation, and response to the agricultural supply chain to ensure continuous and secure research, production, processing, and distribution of food and bio-agricultural products.

  • Provide training and resources to bioag leaders, growers, and researchers on best practices for securing their operations against physical threats, cyberattacks, and natural disasters as well as protocols on recovering from an incident (right of boom).

  • Establish a coordinated response framework to address emerging threats and challenges in the agriculture and bioagriculture security space.

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