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BioAgriculture Workgroup


Andrew Rose

Chesapeake Sun 

  • Bringing cybersecurity (and related threat) awareness, mitigation, and response to the agricultural supply chain to ensure continuous and secure research, production, processing, and distribution of food and bio-agricultural products.

  • Provide training and resources to bioag leaders, growers, and researchers on best practices for securing their operations against physical threats, cyberattacks, and natural disasters as well as protocols on recovering from an incident (right of boom).

  • Establish a coordinated response framework to address emerging threats and challenges in the agriculture and bioagriculture security space.

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Throughout 2024, we will collect detailed examples of the frustrations and needs facing daily operations and invention. 

We will share these in a field guide of recommendations and solutions.

Our goal is to help our nation's growers and bioagriculture innovators cultivate a healthier future in the safest, most secure environment. 
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