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To meet demand from industry, members, and public conversation, BIO-ISAC convenes workgroups focused on critical topics in the Bioeconomy. Consensus building around these recommendations is prioritized in final presentations of findings in reports, events, or broadcasts.

Device Security

The Hardware and Software Device Security Working Group at BIO-ISAC is shaping the path for shared responsibility in hardware and software lifecycle management within the Bioeconomy.  Learn more.

Transparent Geometric Objects

Genomic Data Security

The Genomic Data Security Workgroup at BIO-ISAC informs the evolving governance and regulatory approaches for genomic data - in transit and at rest - as part of its operation in the Bioeconomy.  Learn more.


Workforce Advancement

The curriculum designed by the Workforce Advancement Workgroup at BIO-ISAC addresses education/training needs, offering a path forward to a more capable, prepared workforce in the Bioeconomy. Learn more.

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The BioAgriculture Workgroup at BIO-ISAC focuses on new approaches and standardization for safe, security facilities and research advancement in the growers, labs, and fields that craft our supply chain. Learn more.

Young Farmer
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