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Defined Horizon:  AI in Bio

Without question, we want to encourage discovery, advancement, and invention to improve humankind and this includes the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). BIO-ISAC recognizes the importance of depicting the risks and responsibilities for safeguarding our global relationship with these tools. 


The bioeconomy, inclusive of biomanufacturing and biotechnology, is critical to our global operations and is identified in the highest risk category for conversations around appropriate AI regulation in both the United Kingdom and Europe. It is also in the highest category for opportunities to advance our health and wellbeing, innovation and modeling. 


While seemingly in conflict with one another, we must resolve the use and the security of AI.

This event is open to select participants only.

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BIO-ISAC represents bioeconomy-connected industry leaders, organizations, and academic institutions connected to biomanufacturing, biopharma, bioproducts (synthetic bio), software and hardware vendors, national security, and agriculture. Explore membership

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