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Call for Papers

As the world faces the next generation of security priorities, BIO-ISAC announces its Call for Papers related to Securing the Bioeconomy.

We currently invite contributions from academics, policymakers and practitioners on the following themes: 

  • Best Practices for Network Configuration and Topology in Biomedical Environments

  • Cybersecurity Vendor Management and Assessment

  • Digital BioSecurity Education for the Bioeconomy’s Workforce

  • The Quality-Cybersecurity Tension in Practice and Techniques for Mitigation

Given the imperative to respond to contemporary issues, topics related to digital biosecurity and the bioeconomy that land outside of these focus areas are also welcome and will be reviewed for collaborative publication, presentation, and use. 

Submissions must include: 

  • Primary author name, organization name, email

  • Conflicts of interest statements from all authors, co-authors, and contributors

  • Manuscript title

  • Manuscript files (.pdf or .doc format only)

BIO-ISAC adheres to the following authorship guidelines. This effort does not have a minimum length requirement. Authors are encouraged to submit working papers or topic briefs to stimulate further discovery and discussion.

Please submit your preprint publication or position paper via the link below. Authors will be contacted by BIO-ISAC should their papers be advanced forward.


Thank you.

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