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Bioeconomy ISAC joins DNA Data Storage Alliance

This year BIO-ISAC created the Genomic Data Workgroup, informing the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at National Institute of Standards and Technology efforts to launch the Cybersecurity Framework Profile for Genomic Data and the forthcoming text on the Privacy Framework Profile for Genomic Data. Prioritizing workgroup efforts to apply and implement this work, BIO-ISAC pursued membership and presentation opportunities with aligned organizations and audiences.

Today, BIO-ISAC joins more than 40 members of the DNA Data Storage Alliance, in hopes of creating a future with safe, secure data storage systems and processes for genetic data at all stages of its lifecycle.

Founded in 2020, the DNA Data Storage Alliance was built to create and promote an interoperable storage ecosystem based on DNA as a data storage medium. The organization seeks to educate the public and raise awareness about this emerging technology and its vast power to preserve our digital legacy. As the methods of commercially viable DNA storage become better understood, the Alliance will consider recommending the creation of specifications and standards (e.g., encoding, reliability, retention, file systems) which enable end-users to add interoperable DNA-based storage solutions to their existing storage hierarchies.


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