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Google Cloud joins BIO-ISAC

"As the bioeconomy grows and evolves, its manufacturers are increasingly reliant on digital technologies and interconnected systems. Cybersecurity needs become paramount. Ensuring the security of supply chains, industrial control systems, intellectual property and data, protecting the connected critical infrastructure becomes essential to prevent disruptions and maintain trust. Robust cybersecurity measures safeguard the bioeconomy's valuable assets and maintain public confidence in the sector's ability to drive sustainable innovation and economic growth.

“I am proud to announce our partnership with BIO-ISAC. By fostering collaboration, sharing threat intelligence, and leveraging our advanced security solutions, we strive to protect the critical research, data, and infrastructure that underpin the advancement of the bioeconomy and its biomanufacturing and biotechnology discoveries,” said Nick Godfrey, senior director, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud."

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