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Closing the Knowledge Gaps

BIO-ISAC, in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security and Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, hosted a one-day event in January 2023 to address the critical topics most urgent to securing the bioeconomy. More than 120 individuals from industry, biomanufacturing, biotechnology, and government agencies attended the event.

BIO-ISAC, together with its members and partners, delivered real-world examples that demonstrate the scope and breadth of industry impacts, specific safety needs and goals, and the path forward for a secure future in the bioeconomy.

The event covered a robust set of topics including: Redefining the crisis facing the bioeconomy, workforce risks and realities, supply chain dependencies and biomanufacturing, as well as in-depth dialogues on hardware and software device security, genomic data security, and agriculture and livestock security. With the goal of taking action for the bioeconomy, BIO-ISAC championed the creation of materials and frameworks to inform conversations, policies, and guidance on these topics.

Outcomes included:

  1. Awareness: BIO-ISAC was created in response to the recognized need to secure our nation's infrastructure, technology, supply chain, and cybersecurity response targets related to the bioeconomy.

  2. Urgency: Active, actionable situations are happening right now, harming our supply chain, investments, economy, and intellectual property as well as our health and safety. Every effort to share the urgency should be mobilized: trainings, briefings and presentations.

  3. Action: Best practices and guidance specific to biomanufacturing, biotechnology, and all aspects of the bioeconomy need to be tailored to the unique needs and risks for this industry.


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